Breaking The Mould
Venus and Serena Williams are on a trip to Nigeria to promote the women’s empowerment initiative ‘Breaking The Mould’ (BTM), which is aimed at inspiring, motivating and empowering Nigerian women and young children so that they can fullfil their inner potentials, regardless of the obstacles set in their paths. 

The BTM campaign has already garnered international support as it aims to recognise and acknowledge the role that women play in shifting perceptions and encouraging development at all levels across the African continent. Venus and Serena are role ‘Mould Breakers’ having gone through the crucibles of life to become what they are today. As ‘Champions of Change’, they are coming to Lagos to encourage more women to break moulds that have stood between them and their potentials,” said a statement from the organisers of the tour of Lagos.

The Williams sisters boast a staggering statistic of having won 82% of their combined 1440 professional games! As a doubles pair, they have won 89% of the 187 games they’ve played together. 

In a sport that has largely been dominated by Caucasian and more recently Chinese athletes, 20 year old Jennifer Abel who represents Canada and is of Haitian decent, has shown what a bright future she has ahead of her in her diving career. She claimed her first gold medals in the 2010 commonwealth games in Delhi in both the 1m springboard and 3m synchronised springboard and went onto claim a silver medal in the 3m synchronised springboard at the 2011 Shanghai World Championships. At 5ft 3 inches and 62kg, the sheer power she generates on the diving board is remarkable. 

Jennifer became the youngest ever athlete at the age of 16 to compete in diving at the olympic games in Beijing and has come back to London this year to earn Canada’s first Olympic medal in the Women’s Synchronised 3m springboard, where she got a bronze medal with her partner, Emilie Heyman. Both Jennifer and Emilie will be competing tonight for a gold medal in the individual 3m springboard. 

I found a few of her videos on youtube and the strength, dedication and commitment this young athlete shows is remarkable. Aptly named, “Watch Jennifer Able Giver Her Everything,” if you skip forward to 2:10 in the video below, Jennifer jumps straight onto a swiss ball and holds her balance likes its nothing (albeit the swiss ball is directly in front of a dive mat, preventing it from rolling forward but still, incredibly difficult to perform!).

Wishing her massive luck for tonight. Go Jennifer! 

My love for this woman has no bounds. Congratulations on a 5th Wimbledon singles title and her 14th grand slam at the age of 30! :-) 

My love for this woman has no bounds. Congratulations on a 5th Wimbledon singles title and her 14th grand slam at the age of 30! :-) 

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