Worst fears

Pulled up on Wednesday doing sprint circuits in the park. Heard a pop sound so feared the worst as I fell to the ground in a huddled pile of pain. Guess the stubbornness in me coerced my better judgement to go home and ‘RICE’ the situation rather than go to A&E. Well, the pain hasn’t stopped and the doctor has just told me I’ve got a tear in my hamstring. What grade it is is impossible to tell without an MRI but I’m guessing its bad cause the sound I heard was gut wrenching.

Enough with the negative vibes for now. The reason why I decided to share this gloomy news is cause I have the British 10k coming up in a month and the 19k Tough guy assault course the week after and I’m determined to make it back in time for both!!! I’m going to be doing loads of research as to what may aid the recovery apart from the obvious resting and icing to give myself I fighting chance to compete and also enjoy the wireless concert this year to the max (the lineup looks better each time I see it).

If anyone has any tips on a quick road to recovery (barring Ugo Monye-esque Harlequins physio and rehabilitation staff on tap that got him back in time for the premiership rugby final) please do tell me your useful tips and tricks :-)